Mentor Training

Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen, and a push in the right direction.

Programme Overview


Create the Great in You offer a new and exciting programme for teams to develop their skills to become a mentor.

Our programme has been designed with the support of Enterprise Ireland and using the academic writing of  Dr. Bernadette Brereton from Dundalk Institute of Technology. 

There are many levels to one’s personal development. Our approach is person-centred and aims to challenge the participants to work in a collaborative space and share their own personal experience in a shared learning environment to explore what it takes to be a mentor, what current skills do they use and work with the individual to support on their journey to be a mentor.


Our facilitator will provide a space where all the mentees get the opportunity to use reflective practice while listening to our facilitator’s stories of mentorship/success/ failures the obstacles they encountered on their journey in life.



    • Equip mentors with the key qualities and skills to support the work they do
    • Explore what has brought participants to want to be a mentor
    • Understand what tools you use to boost your effectiveness as a mentor
    • Look within to explore what coping mechanisms you, as an individual, currently use to deal with problems as they arise
    • Learn new tools to build resilience, develop interpersonal skills and enhance wellbeing to enable individuals and teams to reach their fullest potential


Case study approach:

    • Separate the participants into teams
    • Pre-reading material to be discussed
    • Explore groups strengths and weaknesses – strengths based approach
    • Create one leader per group (explain the role)
    • Find solutions to help the characters in the case study
    • Explore your own working style within a group
    • Present the groups findings
    • Group discussion

Programme Delivery



Choose the option to suit you

Our workshops are designed to be interactive 2 hour events but can be blended together to form half-day,  full-day or multi-day programmes. One-off introductory or motivational talks are also possible.