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At Create the Great in You, our mission is to build resilience, develop interpersonal skills and enhance wellbeing at an individual, team or organisational level. The journey begins with a conscious decision to collaborate in a shared learning environment where we introduce participants to experiential learning in order to help them reach their fullest potential.








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What is 3C Thinking?

3C Thinking is the core of what we do at Create the Great in YouParticipants embark on a journey of self-development and critical thinking where they are introduced to the 3C’s – Communication, Collaboration and Creativity. Our team seeks to encourage, motivate and empower participants to make informed decisions, to solve problems, to become more assertive, work better in teams,  manage conflict and use creative solutions to overcome challenges in their environment.


Communication is the ability to communicate in an effective way with others when dealing with problems and conflicts.


Collaboration is the ability to work constructively in teams, share ideas and overcome challenges when they arise.


Creativity is the ability to express oneself through the activities one is passionate about and, in so doing, help others.

Our Services

Mental Strength & Wellbeing

In our mental strength & wellbeing workshops, we delve deep into topics such as resilience, assertiveness and communication. The workshops aim to elicit honest discussions, empower participants to make more informed decisions and use creative solutions to overcome challenges that they encounter on a daily basis.

Physical health & WELLBEING

Our physical health & wellbeing workshops equip participants with knowledge and routines to build and healthy body. Our fitness and nutritional coaches instruct and inform participants on the right ways to work out aswell as how to incorporate healthy eating habits. 


Our motivational speakers discuss real world situations they have found themselves in, how they felt at the time and how they fared. They discuss how to think positively, how to work as a team, how to deal with conflict and how to bounce back.


What’s your passion? How do you feel when doing it? Are you doing enough of it? These are the types of questions we discuss in our creativity workshops. It is scientifically proven that doing more of what you like enhances our mental health in a positive way. So whether that is painting, exercising or writing poetry; we help participants to explore what makes them happy, why and how to do more of it.

Wellbeing & Resilience Summer Camp

Are you a parent or an organisation that works with young people and are looking for an opportunity to empower them to build resilience, develop interpersonal skills, enhance wellbeing and make friends? Check out our summer camp in DkIT from 14th - 16th July.


Our teams found the resilience training provided by Mark and the team especially useful.
Niamh Fitzpatrick
Human Resources - employee Relations Team Leader
On the day, Mark delivered a talk that had the audience on their feet before he even finished.
Charlene Duff
Senior Family Network Co-Ordinator
The team have really benefitted from the workshop and we hope to be able to build on it.
Gillian Goulding
Service Manager
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