Our Testimonials

Dr. Kevin Howard

"I am writing to endorse Mark McCormack’s social entrepreneurship initiative “CreatetheGreatinyou”.

A substantial, growing and important body of research is making clear the challenges facing young men in contemporary Ireland.

Drawing on his undergraduate and theoretical learning and practical field experience, Mark has put together a team of committed participants ideally skilled to mentor young men in meeting these challenges. 

The aims and programmes of “CreatetheGreatinyou” are underpinned by its founder’s values of integrity, compassion and empathy, and are driven by his proven commitment to social justice.

I believe firmly this initiative has the potential to engender enormous and positive social change and I support it wholeheartedly."

Johnny Meehan

Social Care Leader

"I felt the course was excellent with different topics covered with my different and real life experience from men young and old who had input by their own life experiences.

The energy created and honesty in the room was refreshing."

Derek Farrelly


Even though I am a man in modern day Ireland. I rarely thought about or questioned my role or place.

When I spoke to Mark about his plans I was immediately struck by his sense that this changing role of young men in Ireland was an issue that needed to be addressed.

But how can we approach the issue in a meaningful and effective manner?

I believe this course will develop into that effectual approach.

Bob Dylan wrote, ‘The times they are a changing’. I hope this course helps young men deal with transition.

I enjoyed it very much and learned a lot.

Paddy Beagan


Signing up for the 10 week program on Men and Masculinity in Ireland. I really wondered what was this all about and if it was worthy my time.

Nearing the end of the journey I have found the course to be really thought provoking in terms of trying to grasp a real understanding of the challenges facing men in modern Ireland – be it the challenging role of man in the family unit, the impact of technology on youths (sex, violence, bullying either onscreen via gaming or social media), the changing economic circumstances and the pressure of trying to maintain your social status. All these variables seem to lead to a growing sense of stress, isolation, uncertainty and even despair in many cases.

Having joined this course with the mix of men from all walks of life and ages, professions and perspectives I’ve taken some great learning along the way. The challenge for the course going forward is to distill what all this means and how to apply these learnings.

I’m not sure we are there yet in terms of how this is applied to mentorship and what skills and techniques we’ve learned to be in a better position to help this and the next generation when facing these challenges.

Enda Finn

Dundalk Institute of Technology

I’ve never participated in a course like 3MI.

Fifteen plus men from very diverse backgrounds, with a wide range of expertise gathering together to discuss, explore, reflect on and even argue over what men and masculinity are about in modern day Ireland.

The course was well structured, brilliantly facilitated and always interesting. It was good to know that the real issues identified and ideas generated could feed into the broader challenge of mentoring and guiding young men in these difficult times.

I’ve been challenged, inspired, frustrated and sometimes even a bit shocked! But it’s been worth the effort. I’ve made friends with my fellow man.

I’ve been listened to and learned again how to really listen to what men are saying. It’s not about being perfect, but it has helped me to be a better man!”

Sam Carroll


Youth Co-ordinator,

“A great experience sharing time, stories and wisdom with other men. I enjoyed the process of exploring how men (of all ages) might live more fulfilling lives”.

Dr. Bernadette Brereton

National Teaching Expert

Dundalk Institute of Technology,

"I first worked with Mark Mc Cormack (B. Applied Social Care_Hons) when supervising his final year research project for his degree in Social Care in the Department of Humanities, Dundalk Institute of Technology, Ireland.

This project examined the importance of the mentoring role as an intervention strategy for young me, at risk males. Following the completion of his degree, Mark progressed the project through a residency in the Regional Development Centre in Dundalk Institute of Technology. During which time, he developed a business plan for his venture ‘Cre8 the Gr8’.

One of the outputs of the ideas development phase was the establishment of the Dkit Life-Long Learning pilot course ‘Men and Masculinities in Modern Ireland’. The pilot is currently being developed to run as a Master’s programme in mentoring and leadership in the next academic year. Mark is also developing a set of stand-alone online modules in this field.

It is self-evident that Mark has a strong work ethic and is a determined and engaged self-starter. It is also clear that he has a clear vision of the contribution which he can make and is unafraid to work hard to make this vision a reality.

Mark has the strongest networking skills I have encountered in an undergraduate in 21 years of higher education teaching. This is part due to his ability to connect with the elicit help from individuals with diverse backgrounds.

Professionally, he has made great sacrifices to develop his vision and personally, he is a genuine and engaging individual.

On a personal note, it is my great pleasure to collaborate with Mark and I am honored to be involved with his developing venture as it progresses into the future."

Sean Rooney

Caretaker Dundalk Institute of Technology

Having started these group meetings. I really did not have any expectations as to their outcome. To see men talk about their experiences, thoughts and feelings in a forthright open manner was sometimes challenging and thought provoking.

The silence when someone was recounting a painful story or experience and the respect and empathy with the group dealt with various issues that arose was refreshing.

No slagging, no pub banter. I felt that I was gaining more listening to the sometimes unresolved emotionally harrowing, personal and wounding stuff among the group.

I would like to give a big shout for Kevin, who coordinated and facilitated a safe and respectful environment so that this could take place.

His approach not to intervene but let things flow, at times helped to make for a good honest discussion.

Paul Callan

Ardee Car Sales


"I learned that we have work to do and I learned we can do it."

Niall Brennan

Consultant Engineer

I know Mark to be a highly committed and purposeful achiever who has an impressive track record of results when pursuing his chosen objectives.

His funding raising initiatives for charitable causes have been highly successful and effective, and have been recognized as such through his receipt of a Presidents award.

In addition, Mark constantly motivates supporters of initiatives through his sincerity, commitment and selfless pursuit of worthy objectives.