A Nation of young men

Left by the side is the biro pen,

A pen was once a form of communication,

Cognitive asbestos us now feeding us information,

And damaging the inner-self of our fabrication.

Fabrication cells and DNA,

Combined with the environmental factors,

That allow play,


Sun of Sons

A spark of light ignited

In the mind of just one man

It shun so bright it excited

So he chose to make a stand


He delivered it to other men

With its vibrant glow

Engaging men from Ireland

This seed would surely grow


The untold truth

The Search for hidden fruit,

A fruit that rots,

It turns minds to knots.


These fruits come in different shapes,

They cause devastation and loss,

Loss of friends and family.


Repulsive Compulsive

An addictive eating trait,

Filling the lives of young men,

With mistrust and hate.


Hate for themselves and the world they live in,

Often thinking watching Sesame Street,

That I would be better off in the bin.


How should man live?

A man should live free from oppression

Without time for boredom, fear or depression

In his youth he should strive in mind and physique

Trying out different things, because he should know where he is weak