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Students and Mentors Solving a Problem


3 C Thinking – Our team of mentors introduce the mentees to “3 C Thinking”. “3 C Thinking” is where the group begin a journey of self-development and critical thinking. Individuals are introduced to Communication, Collaboration and Creativity. The group will learn new skills both practical and interpersonal which can be applied to daily life at home/school or within the community we serve. The aim of the programme is to better equip participants with the skills which they can apply to their daily life within the community.
Mentoring Workshop – This engaging workshop teaches the skills and qualities that are present in a mentoring relationship. The group learns the key techniques that are required to have a positive mentoring outcome. Mentoring is much more than having knowledge and being willing to share it, it’s a mutually beneficial partnership that requires being supportive, honest, and objective among other qualities. We explore how to recognise mentoring skills in others and how to use our own skills to support others.
Resilience Workshop – Shane Murphy BSc Psychology, Assist instructor, outdoor activities instructor & workshop facilitator. Originally from Newry. Shane has has worked alongside many groups in Newry and surrounding areas for PIP’s a Newry based organisation who focus on people experiencing mental health difficulties. The workshop can be 2 or 3 hours in length. It is an introduction Resilience where the group work in teams, create leaders, learn new skills and coping mechanisms to deal with challenges life throws at us on a daily basis in school/work or within our community.
Magic Workshop – is an experience for participants to hear Simon Ryan’s story and see him in action as he performs magic and allows the group to sit back have a laugh and learn alternative ways to communicate in a positive and engaging manner. Simon studied business at Blanchardstown Institute of Technology. He is a former coach and Personal Trainer at Health and Fitness Coaching. Simon is a qualified special needs assistant. Simon is a high performance athlete and has many trophies on his mantle piece.
Simon Ryan The Magician, Mentor & High Performance Athlete
Dundalk FC’s Brian Gartland with Simon Ryan


All of our workshops and programmes are focused on the participants’ overall wellbeing and are aligned with the Department of Education & Skills Wellbeing Promotion Initiatives. Learn more here


We have a range of programmes for schools to choose from, each made up of various types of activities and learning styles:

Methods of Delivery
  • Theoretical learning
  • Group activities and presentations
  • Reflective practice
  • Creative demonstrations (poetry and/or magic)
  • Whiteboard sessions
  • Literature reviews
  • YouTube clips
  • Case Studies


New Wellbeing Programmes

Build a Winning Culture Within Your Team

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Option 1: One-off Workshops

Choose from any of the modules/workshops (more info on each is included below):

  • Wellbeing: 2 hour or 3 hour workshop
  • Resilience: 2 hour or 3 hour workshop
  • Motivational talk: Entrepreneurship/Leadership/Resilience 1 hour workshop
  • Magic workshop: 1 hour or 2 hour workshop
  • Communication: 2 hour or 3 hour workshop
  • Collaboration: 2 hour or 3 hour workshop
  • Creativity: 2 hour or 3 hour workshop
  • Mentoring: 2 hour or 3 hour workshop

We can also offer wellbeing workshops for staff, teachers, mentors and managers. Our 3C Thinking is a solutions based approach to meet the needs of people within the communities we serve.  The burn out rate is ever increasing and our programmes/workshops aim to provide young people, adults, groups and teams with a space to talk without feeling judged. Our approach incorporates poetry, magic and mentalism and motivational teachings from philosophers.


  • Introduction
  • What is wellbeing? The definitions
  • Group work
  • Physical health
  • Mental health
  • Case studies and resources locally/nationally
  • Links to resources/professional bodies/counsellor/community group


  • Introduction
  • Definitions
  • Group work
  • Story telling
  • Case studies (real life examples).
  • The benefits of being resilient
  • Job/career opportunities
  • Coping mechanism/solution based approach
  • Services available within the community
  • Group discussion, case studies and reflective practice

Motivational Talk

Our mentors all have their own personal story to tell of overcoming challenges and hardships in life to achieve their goals, and enhance their self-development and quality of life.  We use these sessions to encourage and inspire young people to understand that with the right mindset and support networks around them, they can achieve almost anything!

Magic Workshop

This is a unique way of educating and engaging with young people through the medium of entertainment

  • Engage with groups/individuals/teams
  • Demonstrate creativity
  • Assess individuals attention to detail
  • Communication embraced in a creative space
  • Enhance interpersonal skills
  • Develop group bonds
  • Enhance Wellbeing
  • Have a laugh and fun

Communication Workshop

  • Effective approaches to aggressive behaviour
  • Communications theories
  • Case Studies (types of behaviour)
  • Role play or group work
  • De-escalating tactics/approach
  • Brainstorming/problem solving/critical thinking
  • Solution based criteria
  • Self-management/coping mechanisms
  • Group discussion


  • Develop an understanding of working together
  • Understand the benefits of collaboration
  • Groups Stages (Tuckman)
  • Collaboration failures & success (stories)
  • Solutions to overcome failure/success
  • Reflective Practice (examples)
  • Advantages & disadvantages
  • Brainstorming session
  • Summary of findings
  • Group discussion

Creativity Workshop

  • Definitions – what is creativity?
  • The benefits of creativity
  • Idea & solution focused
  • 8 top tips to boost creativity
  • Group work, group discussions and reflective practice
  • Summary & findings

Mentoring Workshop

  • Introduction
  • What is a mentor, what a mentor is not and why be a mentor?
  • What are the skills, qualities and attributes of a good mentor?
  • Could you become a mentor?
  • Group work, case studies and reflective practice

Educational Outcomes

Develop greater resilience, self-awareness, emotional intelligence, leadership and critical thinking skills that will enable each young person to adopt a mindset where the focus is on solutions, not problems.  In doing so each one will be equipped to make better and more positive decisions.

Option 2: Introduction to 3C Thinking: Half Day Workshop

Programme Overview

In this 3 hour workshop, students will receive an introduction to ‘3C Thinking’ – i.e. what does it mean to communicate, collaborate and be creative? They will explore the benefits of communicating, collaborating and introducing creativity into their everyday tasks and lives.

Students will also be introduced to the concept of being mentored, and will learn how to develop the skills they need to be mentored and mentor others in their circles.

Methods of Delivery

  • Storytelling and listening to build relationships
  • One-to-one conversations to assess individual capabilities
  • Teamwork activities to challenge students to apply 3C Thinking in a group setting
  • Presentation to assess student personas and review the lessons learned

Reflective practice to challenge individuals and groups to apply these learnings

Programme Goals

  • Set and exceed expectations
  • Build relationship
  • Understand and demonstrate mutual respect
  • Challenge themselves and bring out the best in others
  • Experiential Learning through peer to peer support
  • Communicate better on multiple levels
  • Assess personal performance and group achievements

Educational Outcomes

  • Greater self-awareness
  • Increased self-confidence
  • Better equipped to be resilient
  • Improved communication skills – listening and presenting
  • Better equipped to work in teams

Course Duration: 3 hours

Mentor: Mark McCormack, Social Care Worker

Group Size: Up to 25 students

Option 3: Full Day (two sessions): 3C Thinking & Motivational Learning

Session 1: Introduction to 3C Thinking

(Content as detailed in Option 1 plus the additional workshop outlined below)

Session 2: Motivation & Inspiration Workshop

Programme Overview

In the afternoon session, athlete and magician Simon Ryan will share his reflective story with the students, detailing his struggles with 3C Thinking and the impact on his educational performance.  Simon will explain how the introduction of a mentor enabled him to identify and use his skills to help him cope with life’s challenges, and achieve beyond his expectations.  He will leave students with many positive messages to encourage them to believe in themselves and dream big!

Methods of Delivery

  • Reflective story – mentor
  • Magic workshop
  • Shared stories from students
  • Group discussions and presentations
  • Reflective practice
  • Group discussion

Programme Goals

  • Break down barriers between students and mentors
  • Build relations and trust
  • Offer a solution based approach to problems
  • Demonstrate empathy and an understanding of the social context
  • Promote the importance of education and qualifications
  • Encourage students to seek mentors
  • Equip young people with interpersonal skills to be a mentor
  • Encourage students to follow their dreams and believe in themselves

Educational Outcomes

  • Greater self-awareness
  • Increased self-confidence
  • Develop leadership potential
  • Improved communication skills – listening and presenting
  • Become more aspirational

Course Duration: 6 hours

Mentors: Mark McCormack, Social Care Worker, Simon Ryan, Athlete & Magician, Facilitator

Group Size: Up to 25 students

Option 4: 3C Thinking & Mentoring Workshops, 4 X 2 hour sessions

(Optional extra mentor, if required)

Session 1:        Mentoring: Being Mentored to Becoming a Mentor

Session 2:        Communication Skills

Session 3:        Collaboration

Session 4:        Creativity Uncovered

Each 2 hour session will explore the principles of mentoring and “3C Thinking” with a focus on each of the elements in turn.

Course Duration: 8 hours (4 X 2 hour sessions)

Mentors: Mark McCormack, Social Care Worker

Simon Ryan, Athlete & Magician

Group Size:Up to 25 students


We develop and co-ordinate TY programmes. Here are some of the schools we’ve worked with in the past:

  • St Louis Secondary School (Girls)
  • O’ Fiaich College Dundalk Co Louth
  • Colaiste ChuChulainn Dundalk
  • Colaiste Lu Dundalk
  • O’ Carolan College Nobber, Co. Meath
  • Scoil Ni Mhuire Trim Co. Meath
  • St Louis Secondary School Kiltimagh Co. Mayo
  • Ballymackenny Secondary School Drogheda, Co. Louth
  • The Patrician High School Carrickmacross, Co. Monaghan
  • De la Salle Secondary School Dundalk
  • Bush Post Primary Primary Dundalk Co. Louth
  • St Macartans College Monaghan
  • Our Ladys Secondary Blayney
  • CBS Naas Co. Kildare


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