Wellbeing & Resilience

Trying and failing, Trying again and again and succeeding.

Programme Overview


Create the Great in You offer a new and exciting programme for teams to develop their own resilience and enhance wellbeing.

There are many levels to one’s personal development. Our approach is person-centred and aims to challenge the participants to work in a collaborative space and share their own personal experience in a shared learning environment.

Our team have many years’ experience working in demanding environments which has equipped our team with a variety of approaches that we incorporate into our workshops.


Our facilitator will provide a space where all the participants get the opportunity to use reflective practice while listening to our facilitator’s stories of resilience/success/ failures the obstacles they encountered on their journey in life.



    • Understand what resilience means
    • Adopt a positive view of mental strength
    • Understand what tools you already use to boost your resilience
    • Understand how to use the resilience scale in your life
    • Learn new tools to boost your resilience.


Case study approach:

      • Separate the participants into teams
      • Pre-reading material to be discussed
      • Create one leader per group (explain the role)
      • Find solutions to help the characters in the case study
      • Explore your own working style within a group
      • Present the groups findings
      • Group discussion

Programme Delivery



Choose the option to suit you

Our workshops are designed to be interactive 2 hour events but can be blended together to form half-day,  full-day or multi-day programmes. One-off introductory or motivational talks are also possible.