Time for Parents to be Parents and to Lead the Way

I’ve previously spoken about fear and the impact it can have on our ability to make effective decisions. A message came through from an unknown source and his/her concerns were how to find a healthy work life balance while minding two children aged 14 and 8 years old, at the same time.

Our teams reply was simple. If you are a parent, teacher, employer, employee, leader or team coach it is now your time to remove fear from the decisions you make for the foreseeable future.

Self-leadership is crucial and finding the balance is of high importance. Set yourself achievable goals and look at the strengths and weaknesses and simply do more of what you are better at doing. Learn to delegate and give your kids a level of responsibility thus empowering them to be more confident while showing them you believe they can play together, do their homework or watch TV independently. The time will give you a window of opportunity to focus on chores within the home environment or work you may be carrying out for work at home.

It is time for parents to be parents. Young people work well when clear boundaries and rules are established. Please do not look at the time in isolation at home being negative, look at the positive side to it and use the time to develop long lasting relationships and friendships with your siblings.

Remember, we are experiencing change and the uncertainty of these times are causing us to be fearful. Let us appreciate the time we have together and bring back a sense of community love within our homes.

We all start off at the age of zero
Climbing walls in search of our hero
A hero who can fix it all
And help us climb across the wall

We use the wall as a metaphor
A hero can be him or her
For him or her we hope to meet
While walking down a darkened street

For where there is dark
There will be light
Just like Bruce Wayne
His light which shines at night

A superhero is within you all
It is time to climb the big old wall
Remember resilience is within you all
So bounce back up when you fall

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