The Pandemic

Our last piece discussed reaching out and asking people in the community young and old are they ok. This week I am lost for words. However, something enabled me to write this. It is dedicated to all the front line staff, cleaners, health care assistants, nurses, doctors, hospital and nursing home staff who are battling the pandemic.

We have lost millions of years wisdom in the last few weeks with the spread of Covid 19. Remember the safe cross code: Stop, look and listen.

Cleverness is a Gift and Kindness is a choice!

The Pandemic

The Pandemic may teach us lessons,
lessons are here for life,
like how to slow things down at home,
Through these times of struggles or strife.

For those of you socialites
Please stay the hell in doors
Street parties, lacks common sense!
and a clear lack of remorse
let's think of the frontline staff
Avoid Covid entering our Hospitals floors.

If you have watched the news
with a family member,
or spoken about it to a friend,
the negative impact of this pandemic
is driving some around the bend.

Please dont bend the rules
Stay safe and well
And listen to what's been said
Because already around the globe there are far too many dead.

So our country calls upon us all
To Stop and take a deep breath
Let's think of the people who are now a statistic
When Covid knocked on the door and brought them to their death.

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