Our Services

Create the Great in You facilitate group workshops and peer-based learning experiences in which participants learn new skills to enhance their quality of life, relationships with others and build a winning culture.

The Services We Provide

Mental Strength & Wellbeing


An approach to bouncing back when times get tough or have been tough in the past.


An approach to becoming more assertive and dealing with conflict.

Mentor Training

An approach where trainee mentors embark on a journey of self-reflection and personal development while learning the concept of 3C Thinking which they can incorporate into their daily practice.

3C Thinking

An approach to dealing with conflict by becoming more assertive, learning new ways of collaborating and tapping into your creative side.


An approach to discover the motivational factors that make people feel good.

Motivational Talks

Motivational Speaking

An approach to engaging in topics such as mental strength, resilience and wellbeing.


An approach to understanding the importance of self-leadership and decision making.

Creativity Corner

Pursuing Your Passion

An approach to pursuing what you are passionate about and its impact on others.

Embracing Entrepreneurship

An approach to understanding what is involved in being an entrepreneur and the how to enact a positive mindset.

Choose the option to suit you

Our workshops are designed to be interactive 2 hour events but can be blended together to form half-day,  full-day or multi-day programmes. One-off introductory or motivational talks are also possible. See below for examples of programmes that we have recently held.


  • Choice of 2 Workshops
  • 1 Mentor
  • Team Building
  • Group Work
  • Checkout Period


  • Choice of 2 Workshops
  • 2 Mentors
  • Team Building
  • Group Work
  • Motivational Talk
  • Case Study Approach
  • Facilitated Discussion


  • Choice of 4 Workshops
  • 2 Mentors
  • Team Building
  • Group Work
  • Motivational Talk
  • Case Study Approach
  • Facilitated Discussion
  • Guest Speaker


Mark McCormack fulfills a very important role in today’s society where there are many challenges to families where both parities are at work or indeed single parent families where the parent is in employment. These challenges arise from the time demands on families from many competing sources and this presents enormous stress on relationships within these families. These issues need to be addressed in an environment, and to endeavor to normalize and develop good relationships. These have become the priority for many Human Resources functions. Mark has been to the forefront in developing concepts to lead in this field in the corporate sector. His unique style and approach has seen him become highly regarded as having a significant influence in this field. Having seen Mark ‘s work and influence in this area, I can fully endorse his approach and I believe he can contribute significantly to improving and developing family relationships.
John Killeen
President of the Timoney Institute & Chairman of the Marine Institute
Create the Great in You is a concept brought to life by Mark Mc Cormack who has had the courage and the conviction over many years to make real his vision to enhance the lives of those who were lucky enough to experience his programmes. Young and not so young people are captivated by both the message and the delivery of simple but effective life changing reflections. Mark’s vision and drive is shared by those who work with him. I look forward to witnessing the ongoing development of Create the Great in You. I would urge anyone working with groups of young people; whether it be in an education / school or club setting to take time to consider what this great company has to offer. Those who did came back for more. I wish Mark and his team every success.
Donal McCormack
National Service Director, Children's Residential Services - Tusla