Mental Strength & Resilience Workshop

Wednesday, 28th April 2021, 10am – 1pm

Mental Strength & Resilience Workshop

10am - 1pm - 28/04/2021
  • Understand What Resilience Means
  • Adopt a Positive View of Mental Strength
  • Understand What Tools You Already Use To Boost Your Resilience
  • Understand How To Use The Resilience Scale In Your Life
  • Learn New Tools To Boost Your Resilience

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"Mark McCormack delivered various training on behalf of the M1 Drogheda Chamber Skillnet, He is passionate, driven and focused on supporting, guiding and enlightening those he works with. Participants on his courses found him to be engaging, informative and transformational. Personally I would say Mark is dependable, open, and direct and he truly cares about people and seeing them evolve and blossom. I would highly recommend Mark whether for his workshops, his mentoring or coaching skills for either personal or professional development."
M1 Drogheda Chamber Skillnet
Linda Ennis | Employer Engagement Officer | LMETB
Create the Great in You is a concept brought to life by Mark Mc Cormack who has had the courage and the conviction over many years to make real his vision to enhance the lives of those who were lucky enough to experience his programmes. Young and not so young people are captivated by both the message and the delivery of simple but effective life changing reflections. Mark’s vision and drive is shared by those who work with him. I look forward to witnessing the ongoing development of Create the Great in You. I would urge anyone working with groups of young people; whether it be in an education / school or club setting to take time to consider what this great company has to offer. Those who did came back for more. I wish Mark and his team every success.
Donal McCormack National Service Director, Children's Residential Services - Tusla
Donal McCormack
National Service Director, Children's Residential Services - Tusla
Mark McCormack fulfills a very important role in today’s society where there are many challenges to families where both parities are at work or indeed single parent families where the parent is in employment. These challenges arise from the time demands on families from many competing sources and this presents enormous stress on relationships within these families. These issues need to be addressed in an environment, and to endeavor to normalize and develop good relationships. These have become the priority for many Human Resources functions. Mark has been to the forefront in developing concepts to lead in this field in the corporate sector. His unique style and approach has seen him become highly regarded as having a significant influence in this field. Having seen Mark ‘s work and influence in this area, I can fully endorse his approach and I believe he can contribute significantly to improving and developing family relationships.
John Killeen President of the Timoney Institute & Chairman of the Marine Institute
John Killeen
President of the Timoney Institute & Chairman of the Marine Institute
"Mark is an excellent communicator and a fantastic coach and mentor. He is a people person with an empathic approach, a listening ear and an honest friendly way about him such that he is not intrusive and one feels like sharing. He wants to help and that comes across in his manner and method. He has helped me to build resilience and be more self-confident and also to reflect, deal with the negatives and focus on the positives and think more creatively in my approach. Mark has given me the tools to help me reach my full potential both personally and professionally and on that basis I would have no hesitation in recommending ‘Create The Great In You’."

Mental Strength & Resilience - Free 4 Part Video Series

Improve your resilience with our free toolkit - 6 step approach to reaching your purpose, goal-setting & the resilience scale.