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Giving is Living at this Time

We previously discussed the notion of setting boundaries at home for parents that are trying to get their work complete and finding it difficult to do so. We suggested for parents who are now working from their home to dig deep and give your child a sense of responsibility which I hope is working for you everyone. This week we will focus on setting goals.

I am a dad myself with three children and there is no doubt parenting can be a chore. However consistency is key and the rewards can be endless as a parent watching your kids grow.

That is the bright side and there is a dark side out there also. With the closure of schools, creches, colleges and services that we rely on to educate our sons or daughters. The role these services provide are much greater than we could imagine. Schools provide an overcoat or blanket of support to young people at risk. We must be mindful that not all young people in society have a balanced home life. Alcohol and drugs, violence, bullying, neglect and harm to others are also happening on an hourly or daily basis. The schools, as bad as young people view them at times, provide some children and their families with a security blanket to watch over them when they are at school.

The services within these structures include school completion programmes, outreach work, Tusla, counsellors, teachers, sports and physical health and many more professions which are equipped to keep young people safe. Perhaps some people take these services for granted but they are a huge asset and provide ongoing support and assistance for the wellbeing of the young people of Ireland.

Be a Superhero, be kind and be mindful the pandemic may be even more worrying for some families within the wider community. The importance of your time or taking the time to stop and ask a person young or old are they ok is even greater now. Make a Difference, Reach Out, Set Goals (social distance applies).

God gave us a mouth to speak, eyes to see, hands to share, legs to walk and a mind to think or perhaps to mind others less well off. Make this one of your goals this week going forward and be a frontline member of your community or surrounding area. Giving is living.

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