Find New Ways to Deal with Stress

Our team of professionals build resilience, develop interpersonal skills and enhance wellbeing. We do this using an approach called 3C Thinking. What is 3C Thinking you may ask? Over the next few weeks our aim is to introduce individuals, teams, groups, schools, communities and business owners to incorporate Communication, Collaboration and Creativity into their daily practice and create a sustainable work life balance.

I am calling you all to talk, work together and find new ways to deal with the everyday stresses of life we encounter and be prepared to overcome the challenges we may encounter over the coming months. One of my passions is poetry and creative writing and my aim is to share some of my writing.

We are about to experience many challenges that will affect different aspects of our life including our daily work, health, financial and daily social interactions. it is our role as parents, employers, employees, teachers, leaders, business owners and the young people of Ireland to pull together and flatten the curve.

Who wants Change? Who is ready to embrace Change? Remember one thing, you are all experts on your own journey and now is the time to slow down and think for yourself. It is important to note when fear takes over our decision making process can be affected.

Remember you are now in the driving seat and we are here at Create the Great in You to listen, share, talk, prompt and guide each other through the coming weeks.

A man once spoke of a place in time
Where the experts were equipped to exist
It's time to buckle the belts up lads
Guerrilla Guerrilla report to the mist
The mist can cloud your judgement
Let the mystery unfold
For life is like a blank canvas
Its needs you to be brave and bold
Brave enough to stand up
With the courage to be heard
A process called collaboration
Where all the knowledge is shared
Not herded round like lost souls
Not listened to more for
Let's unlock your potential
And open up your door
For life is like a castle
With many rooms inside
Where the conscience stores all your thoughts
And get trapped inside one's mind
It is now your time to mind the minds
Of the generation next
Use your smartphone wisely and send out a caring text
For the generation next will come
And it will only last
If the experts from before
Can accept their time may have passed
How do you know it is your time?
For a soul to be saved
Get up on the surf board
Like Arthur and ride that wave

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