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Is it just me or have any of you parents noticed a difference in your sons or daughters? The difference I refer to is the lack of interest in clothing, fashion and haircuts since the lockdown.

Prior to the lockdown all I heard was Nike 720 runners, clothes etc. All of a sudden some of the clothes shops we once shopped at are now not good enough.

The change in their needs and desires as I call it is a vortex where the young are being influenced by their peers in their Gucci, Armani or Canadian Goose gear. Who is influencing our youth and who are they aspiring to be like? Is it the Kardashians or the Gucci gang? I’m not sure but there is often a price to pay for this designer gear and often young people get trapped in the vortex where money is no object. However their only short term objective may be where they get the cash from to keep up with their friends at school or in the community.

The price paid can be much much higher than originally thought and from my own personal experience working with vulnerable groups, the easiest way to source money fast can be through the sale of drugs and / or a combination of anti-social behaviour.

Families are under pressure to perform for their kids so that they conform to the norms of society with the excuse often being “ah sure if I don’t get them the runners, jacket or up to date phone then they will be left out”.

Well they are much better off being left out than having to be bailed out after running up depths and wanting items that are meaningless in the long run. Our youths are the future and it is our role as parents to be their role models.

How can you help? Listen, Say No, Set Rules and Boundaries, Show You Care.

Don’t feed a problem because it will only get bigger.

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