Communication Skills

Of all the life skills available to us, communication is perhaps the most empowering.

Programme Overview


Create the Great in You offer a new and exciting programme for teams to get a better understanding of the advantages, disadvantages and benefits of communication at a personal and professional level.

This programme has been designed in association with Enterprise Ireland and Dr. Bernadette Brereton from Dundalk Institute of Technology.

There has never been a better time to explore and improve your communication style. Communication is the key component to overcoming obstacles, challenges or conflicts that arise on a daily basis on a personal / professional level for individuals or teams. We challenge you to get involved in a shared learning environment and explore new coping mechanisms to guide your daily practice, become better equipped to share your thoughts and feelings and become more assertive in your approach when dealing with conflicts that may arise for you in the future.


Our facilitator will provide a space where participants get the opportunity to explore how a positive communication style can empower you as an individual to overcome challenges that may arise in your daily practice. Our facilitators will listen, offer support, share some of the challenges they have encountered in different environments in order to create meaningful dialogue and open up healthy discussions and new ways to communicate.


    • Understand what assertiveness means
    • Explore how we behave in common situations
    • Reflect on why you need assertiveness in your daily life
    • Look within to explore how you can act assertively and constructively communicate with others
    • Learn what steps you can take to develop positive assertive behaviour

Case study approach:

    • Separate the participants into teams
    • Pre-reading material to be discussed
    • Explore Tuckmans group stages or a strengths based perspective
    • Create one leader per group (explain the role)
    • Find solutions to help the characters in the case study
    • Explore your own working style within a group
    • Present the groups findings
    • Group discussion

Programme Delivery



Choose the option to suit you

Our workshops are designed to be interactive 2 hour events but can be blended together to form half-day,  full-day or multi-day programmes. One-off introductory or motivational talks are also possible.