Representing the Young People of Ireland at 3Arena (CycleAgainstSuicide)

Update – Create the Great in You feel honoured to have been able to make a positive impact on so many young people’s lives and to have been able to support Cycle Against Suicide in their endeavour.

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Create the Great in You Ltd. have humbly accepted an invite to speak at the Student Congress on April the 9th in 3Arena. Along with many other inspirational leaders and motivational speakers

Speakers include:

Prof. Fiona McNicholas and Associate Prof. Blanaid Gavin – The Mental Health Continuum

Dr. Bobby Smith – Addictions on the developing brain – ages 14 to 18.

Dr. Harry Barry – Social anxiety and social media

John (Sean) Doran – Resilience

Robert Carley – Stigma and resilience

Mark McCormack/Simon Ryan – Create the Great in You Ltd.

Guest Speakers

Nigel Owens

Isabelle Aboud

Jenna Fitzpatrick

Support Music Act

As a celebration of mental health this education day will be supported by the following music bands:


The Academic

The Young Offenders



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