Wellbeing in Schools

Promoting Wellbeing in Schools

The Department of Education and Skills has prioritised the promotion of wellbeing in schools as part of the Action Plan for Education. A target of 2023 has been set for all schools and centres of education to have a Self-Evaluation Wellbeing Promotion Process in place and are asked to include wellbeing promotion as a focus in their School Self-Evaluation. Equipping the young people of Ireland with the tools to respond to life’s challenges and realise their true potential are at the heart of the increased focus on wellbeing in education and have been the foundation and underlying mission of Create the Great in You since its inception.

Wellbeing Programs
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What is Meant by Wellbeing?

Wellbeing is present when a person realises their potential, is resilient in dealing with the normal stresses of their life, takes care of their physical wellbeing and has a sense of purpose, connection and belonging to a wider community. It is a fluid way of being and needs nurturing throughout life. (World Health Organisation WHO, 2001)

Students in front of the class presenting their findings in a wellbeing exercise
A Group Presenting their Findings on a Wellbeing Case Study

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How do Programmes from Create the Great in You Increase Wellbeing?

Our core Programmes are based around 3C Thinking (Communication, Collaboration, and Creativity), Resilience and Mentoring. Each of the above workshops increase the students’ wellbeing by introducing skills, concepts and fostering an environment that is conducive to achieving positive outcomes and realising their potential in school, in the community, and in life.

The Create the Great in You programmes are also protective factors related to overall wellbeing promotion specific to the school setting. Our programmes are focused on:

  • Building positive relationships
  • Creating a sense of belonging and connectedness
  • Providing opportunities for social and emotional learning
  • Recognising contributions, increasing expectations and providing opportunities for achievement
  • Developing skills to manage stress, overcome obstacles and increase self-efficacy

Our programmes at Create the Great in You, at their core, are focused on wellbeing through positive communication, enhancing creativity and developing connectedness and community through collaboration and mentoring. We are also aware that education and life aren’t always simple journeys and have developed a Resiliency Workshop that has been extremely well received by students and provides tools to overcome obstacles and stress and inspiration to succeed in trying circumstances.


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