Transition Year

Our ethos at Create the Great.

Using mentoring workshops and peer-based conversations “Create the Great in You” aims to provide young people with a space to explore how communication, collaboration and creativity can be applied to develop both community and relationships.

Participants will be both challenged and facilitated to openly explore and express their passion, identity and potential.

Individuals can expect to grow in confidence, enhance their interpersonal skills and be more empathetic toward their peers.

Mentoring programme includes.

Each of the six week workshops encourages full participation from the students. These include a comedy workshop by Shane Cunningham actor, comedian/impressionist.

A poetry workshop by John Hayden who is also an author and scribe for “Create the Great in You”.

An Archaeological field trip by Dr Alison Lennon. Our workshops are inclusive and the students discuss and present their thoughts on communication, collaboration and creativity.

Our mentors encourage students to continually give us feedback on both the positive or negative aspects of our work. The final week involves a presentation by the students regarding what they learned over the six weeks and a presentation of their certificate of participation.


What I liked best about the Create the Great in You was the trip to Carlingford and I really enjoyed group work. Why I would do it again because it was good.


I really enjoyed this six week program because it included a lot of team work and co-operation. We also went on a trip to Carlingford learning about the history which I really liked.

Chloe Stokes

I really enjoyed this programme. It thought me a lot of new things. I would definitely do it again.


I really enjoyed this six week programme it really motivated me.


I really enjoyed this programme very much mostly because of how interactive everyone was. You can really tell Mark and Alison, Shane and everyone really do mean what they say and that they really do mean what they say to us. I would like to do this programme again. If I were to change anything I would make it so there would be more weeks of the programme.

Jake Corbett.

I really enjoyed this programme I thought it was a really great experience and I have learned new stuff.


I really enjoyed the programme and thought it was very helpful and beneficial for myself and my class members.

Joshua Vallely

I enjoyed the six week project, it had helped me gain confidence in speaking around my class.

Jessica Bond

This 6 week programme was great and beneficial getting out of everyday class to learn and interact with my class and “Sam”.

Arina Risovaite

“I really liked this 6 week program because it was interactive and I learned how to work good in a team.

Caitlin Boylan

What I enjoyed about this was the comedy show and the trip to Carlingford I enjoyed learning about the castles and the different monuments.

Leigh Mc Fall

A Poem By John Hayden for TY 2017

A class of TY students

Formed a circle with their seats

Their teachers and their mentors

Guiding youths from all life’s streets


Some say our day will come

When all are treated fair

Every student needs support

No matter who they are or what they wear                                                                       


Look to your family and friends

If you feel a little down

Never stop trying

Your turn will come around


Your turn to deliver your passion

Be it football, singing or life

Don’t bow to peer pressure

Remember it is your choice


Trust is a delicate thing

In friendship and communication

Turn to those you truly trust

For help in a bad situation


Life is like the flowing of the tide

Us, with our duality of mind

Can be thrown into the depths deep and wide

Still, there is no cause for suicide


For we cannot know the light

Lest we’ve seen the dark

But if we hold unconditional love

Enwrapped within our heart


We can look for the good in all things

If we approach them in the right mood

Remember your thoughts feed your mind

Either good or bad food


Happiness and health

Two interesting attributes

Should fill the heart and soul

Of this class full of youths


John Hayden 2017 (This poem was written for the TY in O’ Fiaich College Dundalk. They each contributed a meaningful word or words, each word was utilised in this poem)