Team Building & Collaboration

A team is not a group of people that work together. A team is a group of people that trust each other.

Programme Overview


Create the Great in You offer a new and exciting programme for teams to get a better understanding of the advantages, disadvantages and benefits of collaboration at a personal and professional level.

Our programme has been designed with the support of Enterprise Ireland and using the academic writing of Dr Bernadette Brereton from Dundalk Institute of Technology.

Daily life and new environments present a variety of unfamiliar challenges such as different personalities, working styles, cultures and opinions. Our approach is non-judgemental & person-centred and aims to challenge each of the participants to work in a collaborative space and to explore collaboration using Tuckman’s group stages of Forming, Storming, Norming and Performing to examine where they feel they are at and individual or team.



Our aim is to provide a safe space where each of the participants will get the opportunity to explore the benefits of a positive, collaborative environment while being challenged throughout the process to critically think and problem solve. Ice-breakers, motivational quotes and poetry will be used to make the experience a meaningful one together.

Case study approach:

  • Separate the participants into teams
  • Pre-reading material to be discussed
  • Explore Tuckman’s group stages
  • Create one leader per group (explain the role)
  • Find solutions to help the characters in the case study
  • Explore your own working style within a group
  • Present the groups findings
  • Group discussion (circle time).


  • Understand Tuckman’s group stages
  • Learn the advantages/disadvantages of collaboration
  • Work alongside others and learn new ideas
  • Grow in confidence in a team environment
  • Make informed decisions and problem solve
  • Overcome obstacles and challenges in your life
  • Get a better understanding of your role both personally & professionally
  • Have a laugh and enjoy the process

Programme Delivery



Choose the option to suit you

Our workshops are designed to be interactive 2 hour events but can be blended together to form half-day,  full-day or multi-day programmes. One-off introductory or motivational talks are also possible.