Sun of Sons

Sun of Sons

A spark of light ignited

In the mind of just one man

It shun so bright it excited

So he chose to make a stand


He delivered it to other men

With its vibrant glow

Engaging men from Ireland

This seed would surely grow


Too many youths have lost their way

Some even took their life

But this new spark would light the dark

And help to make it right


Around a room a group had gathered

In Dundalk’s institute of Technology

Their mission, the only thing that mattered

To trash out every possibility


Men from twelve to sixty two

And all ages in between

Collaborating on what to do

To guide and facilitate every teen


Men with masters and Phd’s

Men who’d crumbled to their knees

Some not taught to read or right

They joined together in this plight


Every one of them a son

Stood together here as one

Pooled their thoughts to guide the young

An unsung song had just begun


If it saved just one young man

From falling through the net

The goals of this group

Would surely have been met


The son rose in that room

Like no other day

Delivering a ray of hope

To guide us on our way


The greatness of our young men

Seen from every angle

Gems wrapped in knots of illusion

Our goal was to untangle


Help them shine and sparkle

To reach their potentials

To grow and strive, and stay alive

And show off their credentials


Mark this day as the first step

On the journey of a million miles

Each step from here on in

Will turn those frowns to smiles


By John Hayden 2015

(Inspired by Mark Mc Cormack’s focus group, A GROUP of GREAT MEN)