A Nation of Young Men

A Nation of young men

Left by the side is the biro pen,

A pen was once a form of communication,

Cognitive asbestos us now feeding us information,

And damaging the inner-self of our fabrication.


Fabrication cells and DNA,

Combined with the environmental factors,

That allow play,

Playful kids need exploration,

Explore wisely choose a destination.


A destination worthy

One that is fun,

Not the media portrayal,

Of Love Hate with a Gun.


A gun can only damage,

A gun will only hurt,

These lost souls need direction,

Get involved in sport.


Whether you like GAA,

Whether it be MMA,

Our Nation need these sports,

To guide us on our way.


A way to inspire,

A way which is good,

Lock away those guns lads,

And remove the flaming hoods.