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Some of our testimonials

Sam Carroll

Artist / Youth Co-ordinator,


“A great experience sharing time, stories and wisdom with other men.

 I enjoyed the process of exploring how men (of all ages) might live more fulfilling lives”.

Derek Farrelly



"Even though I am a man in modern day Ireland. I rarely thought  about or questioned my role or place.

 When I spoke to Mark about  his plans I was immediately struck by his sense that this changing  role of young men in Ireland was an issue that needed to be  addressed.

 But how can we approach the issue in a meaningful and effective  manner?

 I believe this course will develop into that effectual approach.

 Bob Dylan wrote, ‘The times they are a changing’. I hope this course  helps young men deal with transition.

 I enjoyed it very much and learned a lot.


Meet our graduates from 2015

First Men and Masculinities graduates conferred at Dundalk Institute of Technology.

In the second week of December 2015 the first graduates to pursue the pioneering Men and Masculinity series received their Certificates of Completion.

The series was held over ten weeks at the Dundalk Institute of Technology. College president Denis Cummins and comedian Al Fornan on hand at the well-attended award ceremony to present the graduates with certificates.

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